How to create shortened affiliate links using the AMZN.COM short URL service.

Creating Short Amazon Affiliate Links (AMZN.COM)

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Amazon logoHere is a quick tip for those looking to use the Amazon short link service (AMZN.COM) with affiliate links. Of course you can always paste the long URL into something like the Google URL Shortener but since we recently had a client who insisted on using Amazon, we thought we’d share.

NOTE: There has been talk of Amazon not allowing the use of short links and social networking sites like Twitter to drive affiliate traffic but that is false as stated in the Amazon Associates Social Networking FAQ.

Long Amazon Affiliate URL

Most Amazon affiliate URLs look something like this:

Shorter Amazon Affiliate URL

We can take that long link, get rid of some of the mess at the end, change the /gp/ to /dp/, keep the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and our affiliate tag and we end up with something much shorter:

Shortest Amazon Affiliate URL

To go even shorter we can replace the long Amazon URL with the short URL and remove the /dp/ entirely:

Whichever version you use, make sure to run it through the Amazon Associates Link Checker tool to be certain it’s a valid affiliate link.

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