Themes vs. Frameworks: What is the difference between WordPress themes and WordPress frameworks like Thesis, Genesis, WooFramework, etc.?

WordPress Themes vs. Frameworks

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If you’re looking to start a website (whether it be for personal use, professional use, a blog, an online store, etc.), the gold standard for managing all of your content is WordPress; it makes running a website as simple as can be while allowing for infinite possibilities where expansion and features are concerned.

“WordPress started as a simple blogging system, but has evolved to be a full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. WordPress is limited only by your imagination (and tech chops).”

There’s only one problem – the look of a standard WordPress install is the same for everyone who installs it – and that’s where themes and frameworks come in.

Themes vs. Frameworks

A theme is a design or look for your website that takes advantage of the core technology a standard WordPress install has to offer. It is better than the default theme WordPress comes with because it provides a more unique look. However, hundreds, even thousands of people can install the same theme; so it’s still not as unique as it could be.

A framework is like a theme on steroids. It allows the developer to design around the themes core and provides advanced features and functions. This allows for a completely customized look and a unique functionality.

By using WordPress and frameworks like Thesis, Genesis and WooThemes Canvas, we can provide you with a unique, highly optimized, professional, and easily upgradable website and/or blog.

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