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Soliloquy - Responsive jQuery Slider WordPress Plugin

What is Soliloquy? Soliloquy makes it easy to put multiple, responsive jQuery sliders in any page, post, custom post type, or widget on your WordPress site. It even has lightbox support (add as a separate plugin) for images, video, iframe, and more. Completely responsive, efficient in that it only uses resources when it needs them […]

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WP Engine

Grab a stack of paper and a few pens, this is going to be a long post and you should take notes. Scrape together $29. WP Engine. Say farewell to slow websites forever. …okay, so it wasn’t that long.

WordPress Plugins

. One of the greatest parts of WordPress is the ability to add damn-near any functionality to your website that is needed through the use of plugins. This is why they exist. Let’s simplify the breakdown of a WordPress website for the sake of tackling some common concerns like: But, isn’t too many plugins bad […]

RSS Feed Shortcode

Here’s a quick tip for adding content to your WordPress posts that only your RSS feed subscribers will see. Perhaps you want to reward your subscribers by linking to a free gift in your feed, or maybe you have a video or some other embed in your post that may not show correctly in some […]

Premise WordPress Plugin Review

What is Premise? Premise started as just a simple but feature-rich plugin that enabled WordPress users to create optimized landing pages without having any coding knowledge. These landing pages can be used as sales pages for selling software, services, eBooks, other digital downloads and more. With the recent release of Premise 2.0, WordPress users can […]

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Here is a quick tip for those looking to use the Amazon short link service (AMZN.COM) with affiliate links. Of course you can always paste the long URL into something like the Google URL Shortener but since we recently had a client who insisted on using Amazon, we thought we’d share. NOTE: There has been […]

Free Thesis Skin: Readable

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Readable Thesis Skin Logo

Readable is no longer available. Stay tuned for new Thesis skins launching soon. Readable is a free skin for the Thesis Theme framework for WordPress designed and custom coded by yours truly. It stays true to the nature of Thesis by keeping a clean layout, providing simple typography and remaining clutter-free. If you choose to […]

What is Simple URLs? Simple URLs is a complete URL management plugin that takes advantage of custom post types and uses 301 redirects to achieve its goals. It allows you to track and shorten links; especially long, ugly affiliate links. It simply adds a new custom post type to your WordPress Admin menu, where you […]

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WordPress Author Archive

WordPress does not add custom post types to author archive pages by default. In fact, it doesn’t add pages as well. It only displays posts from the author in question. By manipulating the pre_get_posts action we can add any custom post type we want to the author archive pages. Adding Post Types Using pre_get_posts First […]

WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

During a recent redesign for a client, I needed to alter the default WordPress tag cloud widget to exclude a certain number of tags as well as include a custom taxonomy. There are plenty of ways of adding a custom widget, or hacking WordPress core files to achieve what I needed but that isn’t very […]