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DPXradar 001 – WordPress and Business Link Roundup

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DPXradar is a link roundup of important and informative links to stories, blog posts, articles, services, apps and plugins for online business owners, people who run websites and WordPress users and enthusiasts. This will be an ongoing series that I plan on posting roughly once a month in a free association format.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the American Express OPEN Forum, an online resource and social networking hub with tools and tips for small business owners. It seems you need an Amex OPEN credit card to be a member, though. Mashable seems to be using the hell out of it (they constantly republish posts they’ve submitted to the forum on their site), so it’s got to give major SEO juice. Maybe I’ll get one.

Smashing Magazine has recently published a fantastic 2-part series that shows you how to manage media more effectively in WordPress:

  1. How To Build A Media Site On WordPress (Part 1)
  2. How To Build A Media Site On WordPress (Part 2)
Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider

Dev7studios, the folks (or should I say, Gilbert) that created the awesome Nivo Slider have released the official Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin. You can also signup to be notified of Nivo Slider Pro, whatever that is.

Despite the terrible Internet marketer landing page (can we please move away from this? I don’t care if it converts, it’s goddamn ugly and screams “HEY SUCKER! Buy this!”), the WPSubscribers WordPress plugin seems to do a good job of wrapping up all the features of the HelloBar and Popup Domination plus a whole lot more.

WPCandy put together a great tutorial on creating your own WordPress Functionality Plugin. That way you can move all the code in your themes functions.php file that’s necessary for structure and functionality (stuff like registering taxonomies, shortcodes, Google Analytics code, custom profile fields, etc.) out of that file and into something more portable. Fantastic.

WPCandy Pros Logo

WPCandy Pros

While we’re on the subject of WPCandy, I recently began shelling out $20/month for their Pros directory of WordPress professionals. There’s nothing on the site that says what $20/month gets you (except for a larger ad up top on the front page) but we’ll see in time if it’s worth it. So far, not one hit. I wonder what they’re doing to advertise the directory? I wrote to ask but have yet to receive a response.

Need to know what to put in that Functionality Plugin we created? Check out WPShouts Ultimate Functions Resource.

The bbPress WordPress forum plugin is in the final stages of beta. Sweet. Can’t wait to try this out.

There’s another plugin I’ve been meaning to try as well, Posts 2 Posts. It allows you to create many-to-many relationships between posts of all types. You can learn more on the developers site (WP core contributor) and the Posts 2 Posts wiki on GitHub.

VaultPress LogoDo you have VaultPress yet? Why the hell not!? Now they’ll notify you if they can’t connect to your site to backup your precious content.

Keas is a health startup aimed at businesses and tries to make employees healthier (and happier, more productive, etc.) by turning a healthy lifestyle into a game. Check out the intro video below.

Ever wonder how to get that cool body border effect from sites like Hicksdesign and kottke.org? Well, Chris Coyier recently rewrote his Creating a Body Border tutorial to show modern techniques.

If you’re an Envato Marketplace author or plan on becoming one anytime soon, why not shoot for Elite status? You could win a trip to Melbourne and some spendy ad campaigns.

Justin Tadlock wrote a great rant/post on shortcode madness, shunning useless shortcodes that replace basic HTML. He also needs beta testers for his Members plugin if you’re interested in setting up basic membership functions on your WordPress site. Also, if you’re at all interested in WP plugin development I highly recommend Professional WordPress Plugin Development. It rocks.

On a somewhat related note, the DevPress guys have announced a new WordPress theme called Visual that looks badass. Perfect for all you BuddyPress users. Check out the overview below.

A new framework called PHPayPal is launching soon. It’s a PHP 5.3 and MySQL powered self-contained framework that makes secure PayPal selling easy.

I was not accepted into The World’s Most Exclusive Website but perhaps you’ll have a better chance. I hate clubs anyway.

Mark Jaquith lays down how to write a WordPress plugin that doesn’t completely suck.

Want to see what a fucking AMAZING WordPress theme marketplace looks like? Themefuse is clean, functional, and beautiful. If I ever join the fray for premium WP theme dominance, I’ll be stealing their code using Themefuse as my inspiration.

jQuery is awesome. So are about pages that interact with my mouse.

That’s it, folks. Tune in next time for more link madness.

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