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DPXradar 002 – WordPress and Business Link Roundup

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DPXradar is a link roundup of important and informative links to stories, blog posts, articles, services, apps and plugins for online business owners, people who run websites and WordPress users and enthusiasts. This will be an ongoing series that I plan on posting roughly once a month in a free association format.

CU3ER, the awesome 3D image slidshow plugin that is for some dumb-ass reason built in Flash is finally available in a Javascript version. You know, for those of you rocking an iPad or iPhone.

I know this is old as hell but it’s awesome and should be instituted nonetheless (perhaps in the next iteration of HTML). It’s a call to get an attribute called fullsize added to the <IMG> tag.

There are MANY fantastic javascript/AJAX solutions out there to view a larger version of an image by displaying it as a in-page pop-up or lightbox pop-up. So many solutions in fact that it is rare to visit a website with a photo gallery that does not already utilize one of these solutions. So why not make it a standard? Why not let the browsers take care of the heavy lifting rather than us web developers via javascript? I propose adding a fullsize attribute to the <IMG> tag. By which you can references a larger (or fullsize) version of the SRCimage. Browsers could then include native support to display the fullsize image in a pop-up.

Here’s a WordPress plugin that makes adding tooltips very easy.

The Jigoshop folks have released a theme called Jigotheme that integrates nicely with their WordPress eCommerce plugin.

StudioPress, the makers of the Genesis framework, have been releasing free web graphics for bloggers and the like. There are some cool post format icons you should check out:

Free WordPress Post Format Icons

Free WordPress Post Format Icons

Also, Design Kindle is another great free resource for web graphics.

I can’t decide if I like Decide yet. Try it, decide for yourself. Decide. Decide. …

Paul Gibbs, the creator of the very cool Achievements for BuddyPress plugin recently announced that the next version won’t require BuddyPress. Awesome.

Dropp seems cool…or, really fucking annoying. Great for stalkers and digital romantics.

Dropp is a fun and useful new iPhone app that lets you share location-based messages and photos with friends, family, and even people you don’t know!

WPCoder has relaunched with a badass new design:



WP Roots, a new site claiming to provide only the finest WordPress tutorials is coming soon from the Mojoness folks. They’re also offering to pay people to create these, so called, fine tutorials.

Keeping in line with the current theme, wpMail.me is another way to get WordPress tutorials along with WP news. It’s a concise, once-weekly free roundup delivered right to your email inbox.

The folks at Dev4Press have put together a video outlining the basic steps of setting-up the new bbPress 2.0 forum plugin for WordPress:

If you’re looking to add some HTML5 flair to your site, check out HTML5Snippets.

Need a custom WordPress plugin developed? Looking for awesome one-on-one WP training? Give the guys at beAutomated a shout. They rock.

Ronald Huereca has made his WordPress and Ajax book available as a free download.

WordTwit Pro - WordPress Twitter Plugin

WordTwit Pro - WordPress Twitter Plugin

WordTwit Pro is a premium WordPress plugin by BraveNewCode Inc., the creators of the awesome mobile plugin,WPtouch Pro, that adds powerful and easy-to-use Twitter features to WordPress.

It supports multiple accounts, hashtags, scheduling and more. There’s even a a new WordPress admin widget that provides Twitter publishing features for each post.

The scheduling function is the most exciting; decide how many times a Tweet will be published for each post…even delay Tweets if need be.

It’s available as a free plugin with very limited features or Pro Single ($39), Pro 5 Pack ($69) and Pro Unlimited ($99).

Check out WordTwit Pro!

Finally, a couple of articles caught my attention lately:

  1. How to launch a blog with (already) high search traffic – Skellie works the Google Auto Suggest feature and gets mad traffic.
  2. Why Google gets gamed (and why that won’t stop) – Rob Young from Search Engine Journal breaks down the history of search SPAM.

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