WishList Member membership WordPress plugin training. 3-part video series (free, opt-in only) on how to multiply your income with membership sites.

Starting a Membership Site?

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WishList Member

WishList Member

The WishList Member folks have recently launched a 3-part video series (free, opt-in only) on how to multiply your income with membership sites. It’s a very well produced set of videos and I suggest you check it out.

Membership Site Blueprint

  1. Master Strategy
    • Who will you target?
    • What solution will you offer?
    • When will you deliver the content?
    • How will you deliver it?
  2. Content
    • Frequency
    • Format
    • Segments
    • Templates
  3. Promotion
    • Free Strategies
    • Paid Strategies
    • Content Marketing
  4. Conversion
    • Selling Sequences
    • Site Conversion
    • Sales Triggers
    • Member Triggers
  5. Retention
    • Content and Relationships
    • New Member Strategy
      • Site Design
      • Welcome Sequence
      • First Steps
    • Existing Member Strategy
      • Content Teasers
      • Points and Rewards
      • Consumption Tricks
  6. Engagement
    • Reason
    • Master Networker
    • Contests and Rewards
  7. Outsourcing
    • Content
    • Community Management
    • Marketing
    • Website/Design
    • Accounting

Video Training

The first video in the series goes into how big companies are leveraging community to create raving fans, repeat buyers and people who are eager to share their products and messages.

The second video shares stories from everyday people, like you and me, making good money by building online communities they’re passionate about.

The third video, my favorite, Stu McLaren gives a step-by-step blueprint for creating and maintaining a successful membership site. The main topics can be seen in the list to your right.

They’re also offering a downloadable Membership Site Blueprint PDF which you can print out and fill in (it’s more like a worksheet). It makes going through the steps very easy and organized.

At the end of the 3-part video series you have the option of signing up for the membership site coaching program or the certified membership site developer program, both of which debut in about 5 days. There’s no mention of what this will cost, if anything.

I should mention that even though these folks sell the fantastic WordPress Membership plugin, WishList Member, they don’t mention that it’s mandatory for any of the training. It covers all aspects of membership sites whether or not you own their software. However, it’s probably a given that 99% will be using it.

Get Started!

If you’re serious about making some extra cash from a membership site surrounding a topic you’re passionate about and have expertise in, then you should really give this whole system a go. At any rate, at least watch the videos, they’re free.

  1. Pick up a copy of, in my opinion, the best WordPress membership plugin: WishList Member
  2. Signup and watch the 3-part video series: Membership Site Training

Good luck!

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