Custom Thesis Theme Framework design for your WordPress blog or website. Thesis Theme skins customization from a pro thesis designer and developer.

Thesis Theme Framework for WordPress

Thesis Theme Framework Options Panel

Thesis Theme Framework Options Panel

The Thesis Theme framework for WordPress allows the designer and developer (that would be us) to design around the themes core and provide advanced features and functions. It is not a theme itself, but rather a foundation for creating and developing incredibly efficient, manageable, and optimized WordPress themes.

Why Use the Thesis Theme Framework?

Thesis Makes Design, SEO, and Speed a Top Priority.
Thesis has been built from the ground up to harness the power of clean, well-written HTML, CSS and PHP. This means that every aspect of on-page SEO is manageable by you via the many Thesis option panels. It also means that tweaking design aspects such as site width, number of columns, sidebars, colors, fonts, teasers, header images, etc., are also at your fingertips.

These days, the speed of your website is playing an important role in how search engines rank your site for specific keywords and Thesis hasn’t let you down — it’s incredibly fast!

Designpx + Thesis

We love working with Thesis. Whether you need a complete custom Thesis Theme design for your blog, a website using Thesis and WordPress as a backend, a PSD to Thesis Theme coding conversion or a few tweaks or customizations to your existing Thesis based website or blog, we’ve got you covered.

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