Learn how to change your domain name DNS to the HostGator domain nameserver to get your HostGator hosting account up and running.

How To Change My DNS to HostGator

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Changing Your DNS

Every domain registrar has a slightly different procedure for changing your domain nameserver, but the essentials are the same. You need to:

  1. Login to your domain registrar — the place you bought your domain; GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.
  2. Change the default Nameservers (sometimes labeled as DNS or Name Servers) — the Nameservers provided in the HostGator welcome email will look something like:
Your Nameservers:
NS1: ns1.hostgator.com
NS2: ns2.hostgator.com

Just replace your new name servers (in the welcome email) with the old ones (default). For instance, if your domain registrar is GoDaddy, do the following:

My Account > Domain Manager > select domain > Set Nameservers > I have specific nameservers for my domains

Keep in mind that when you make a DNS change it takes between 24-48 hours to complete. Routers cache information so during this propagation time they’re updating around the world which can cause your website to be up for some people and down for others.

An often-used analogy to explain the Domain Name System (DNS) is that it serves as the phone book for the Internet by translating human-friendly computer hostnames into IP addresses. For example, the domain name www.example.com translates to the addresses ~ Domain Name System

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