WordPress shortcode adds content to your RSS feed only. People subscribed to your feed will see the content while people viewing the post on your site will not.

Shortcode: Add Content to RSS Feeds Only

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RSS Feed Shortcode

Here’s a quick tip for adding content to your WordPress posts that only your RSS feed subscribers will see.

Perhaps you want to reward your subscribers by linking to a free gift in your feed, or maybe you have a video or some other embed in your post that may not show correctly in some feed readers so you want your subscribers to click through to the actual post.

Whatever your reasons this shortcode will do the job.

Open up your themes functions.php file and add the following code (without the <?php):
[gist src=”https://gist.github.com/2295495″]

Now, simply add something like the following to any of your posts:

[subscribers]Thanks for subscribing! Here's a <a href="http://designpx.com/free-wordpress-blog-setup/" title="Free WordPress Blog Setup">free gift</a>.[/subscribers]

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