jQuery Image Lazy Load WordPress plugin review. Add jQuery lazy loading to the images in your WordPress blog with this plugin. Improve site speed.

jQuery Image Lazy Load Plugin Review

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I use jQuery Image Lazy Load on all my sites whether or not they are image heavy. It reduces load time and gives a neat, subtle fade-in effect that I like.

What is jQuery Image Lazy Load?

The jQuery image lazy load WordPress plugin uses a jQuery plugin called Lazy Load to delay the loading of images in (long) pages. Images below the fold (far down in the page) wont be loaded before the user scrolls down. When the user does scroll down the images fade-in very nicely.

This is opposite of image preloading. Using lazy load on long pages containing heavy image content makes pages faster. Good for SEO, good for users.

How to use the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin

Simply install the plugin and you’re good to go. No options or settings, it just works out of box.

jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin Support

There shouldn’t be any issues since the plugin is very simple and does only one thing but should you need help (or have conflicting JavaScript issues), you can leave a comment on the authors page or the WordPress.org forum.

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