Premise WordPress plugin review. Create Wordpress membership sites, landing pages, split-testing and more. Great for digital sales and lead generation.

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If you want an easy way to create WordPress landing pages, build simple WordPress memberships sites and split-test it all while you go, then the Premise plugin for WordPress won't let you down. It really does take the pain out of digital sales and lead generation.

My only grip is that it currently only supports PayPal and for payment processors and MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber for email providers but I expect that to broaden as the plugin matures.

What is Premise?

Premise started as just a simple but feature-rich plugin that enabled WordPress users to create optimized landing pages without having any coding knowledge. These landing pages can be used as sales pages for selling software, services, eBooks, other digital downloads and more.

With the recent release of Premise 2.0, WordPress users can now build secure membership sites as well. It really was the next logical step. Now, you can create beautiful, optimized landing pages and offer folks the option of becoming a member to your website in order to access member-only content. It’s all automated and even has a recurring payments option.

The beauty of purchasing Premise is that there is only a one-time fee instead of the monthly/yearly renewals that many premium WordPress plugins employ. The price is currently set at $165 which gets you unlimited use on websites, membership gateways, digital product downloads, landing pages, copywriting advice, use of the graphics library, software updates, and best of all, support.

You can even try it free for 30 days, risk-free.

How To Use the Premise Plugin

Once you’ve purchased premise and installed the plugin on your WordPress site, you’ll notice two new sections in your WordPress admin menu: Premise and Landing Pages.

The Premise tab will give you access to your Main Settings and your landing page Styles Settings.

Premise 2.0 Settings

Premise 2.0 Settings (click to view full size)

Within the Main Settings there are 7 sections:

  1. General
    Here you can add your unique API key, customize your landing page URLs, and enable the Membership Module which is off by default.
  2. Content
    Here you can set defaults for your landing pages which can also be overridden per landing page.
  3. SEO
    This is your default settings for robots meta and feed auto-detect.
  4. Email Providers
    This is where you integrate your landing pages with whatever email opt-in provider you use. It currently only integrates with AWeber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. No Campaign Monitor…bummer.
  5. Sharing
    This is great. You can make your visitors share your content on Twitter or Facebook before they get access to the full pages content.
  6. Testing
    Premise provides support for Google Website Optimizer or Visual Website Optimizer in order to split-test your landing pages.
  7. Scripts
    Here you can insert any code into the header or footer of your landing pages.

The Styles Settings allow you to create a customized look and feel for as many different landing pages as you want. The options are quite extensive as you can see below:

Premise 2.0 Style Settings

Premise 2.0 Style Settings (click to view full size)

Each of these sections expand to provide a ridiculous amount of styling options.

Moving on to the Landing Pages tab: when you go to create a new landing page you are presented with 8 different options to choose from:

Premise 2.0 Landing Page Options

Premise 2.0 Landing Page Options (click to view full size)

These should be pretty self-explanatory.

And last but certainly not least, we have the membership functionality. Once you enable the membership module in the Premise main settings area you will see a new section in your WordPress admin menu called Member Access. The Settings tab offers the following:

Premise 2.0 Membership Settings

Premise 2.0 Membership Settings (click to view full size)

From there you can add products, manage orders, setup the links to your digital downloads, and view reports.

In order to manage your members, simply navigate to the Users tab in your WordPress admin and you’ll see a few new options.

Premise Plugin Support

Your purchase of Premise gets you unlimited support and updates. If you have any trouble, simply log in to your Premise account and click the help link in the top navigation. This will bring you to a page with a long list of frequently asked questions. If your issue isn’t solved here, scroll down to the end of the page and submit a support ticket.

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