Soliloquy plugin review. Soliloquy is one of the best responsive jQuery slider plugins for WordPress.

Soliloquy (jQuery Slider) Plugin Review

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Soliloquy is a simple, good-looking jQuery slider plugin for WordPress and it works very well. Even more, it is responsive, allows for multiple instances and is built with speed in mind. It is a premium plugin but for the price, it's well worth it.

It does everything it promises to do and it does it well. The only thing that would make this plugin better is if it simplified the adding of media, especially when using the lightbox addon. In it's defense, though, it stays true to native WordPress media handling which is in need of a makeover.

What is Soliloquy?

Soliloquy makes it easy to put multiple, responsive jQuery sliders in any page, post, custom post type, or widget on your WordPress site. It even has lightbox support (add as a separate plugin) for images, video, iframe, and more.

Completely responsive, efficient in that it only uses resources when it needs them so site speed isn’t diminished, and multiple sliders can be used on the same page without issue.

“Soliloquy is a powerful WordPress slider plugin that makes creating and maintaining responsive, efficient, secure and SEO friendly sliders a breeze.”

It is available with a single support license (good for one site) at only $20 per year (a steal) or with a developer support license (unlimited sites and access to the addons) for $100 per year.


How To Use the Soliloquy Plugin

Once purchased, installed, and activated you’ll want to enter your license key within the Settings tab of the new Soliloquy menu item so you get access to the automatic updates.

From there, start adding new sliders to your hearts content. When you select ‘Add New’, you’ll be greeted with something like this:

Soliloquy Add New Slider

Soliloquy – Add New Slider (click to zoom)

Name your slider and then start adding your images. Once added you can drag-and-drop them to rearrange the slide order. You can also click the pencil icon on each image to edit the image metadata (e.g. add a link when clicked).

Then set your slider size, transition, speed, and duration. There are also a plethora of advanced options that allow you to control navigation, loop, pause on hover, and more.

On the right hand side of your screen you’ll notice a box labeled Soliloquy Instructions. This will show you the shortcode you can use to insert your slider in any post, page, CPT, or widget.

To make things easier, the post/page editing screen has a new icon next to the Upload/Insert button that will allow you to choose a slider and have the shortcode automatically added.

Soliloquy Plugin Support

All licences come with access to the documentation and forum access. The developer license also allows for priority ticketing.

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