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WordTwit Pro Plugin Review

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The plugin works beautifully and looks stunning. My only complaint is the settings area uses some heavy Ajax that slows the admin down when using it (should just use the standard WordPress look and feel) and the licence system BraveNewCode uses seems broken.

There is a developers license that allows you to use the plugin on client sites but it lists all the sites you have the plugin licensed to with the ability to disable or remove site licenses. Not cool. It should just ask for an API key. Once entered it should be licensed and no other information should be shown. Ever.

What is WordTwit Pro?

WordTwit Pro is a premium WordPress plugin which aims to provide powerful Twitter features to your WordPress website. It allows you to auto-publish new posts to Twitter via a widget on the post/page editing screen. It supports multiple Twitter accounts, manual editing, scheduling with delay, recent/popular hashtags, Tweet log and more.

How to use the WordTwit Pro plugin

Simply install the plugin, add as many Twitter accounts as you’d like (setup your URL shortener of choice. I use Bitly), and attach your purchase licence.

There are a few options you can configure as well; see them below:

WordTwit Pro Options

WordTwit Pro Options

The custom Twitter Application settings allow you to link your Twitter App (if you setup Twitter @Anywhere this should already be done) to WordTwit Pro so it will Tweet on behalf of your company, name or website, like so (see the “via Designpx.com”):

Twitter Custom App

Twitter Custom App

I’ve also setup Bitly to use my custom short URL.

WordTwit Pro Scheduling

WordTwit Pro Scheduling

After setting up all the options it pretty much takes care of itself. Every time you post a new page or post it will auto-tweet based on your settings.

Of course, you can manually override any option, add information and hashtags to the tweets, etc. on a post-by-post or page-by-page basis.

It even remembers which mode you prefer (manual or automatic) and keeps a list of common hashtags.

My favorite is the ability to publish the Tweet × number of times and set a delay between Tweets. It’ll even register a new short link for each Tweet to comply with Twitters rules and give the ability to track which Tweet did better.

Very slick.

WordTwit Pro plugin Support

Since WordTwit Pro is a paid premium plugin, the suppost is top notch. Every customer has access to an active forum that will get your issues (should you have any) resolved usually within an hour or two.

Version 3.2 of the plugin added the ability to hide the Licenses tab if you’re installing the plugin on a clients site. However, it comes back if you reset the settings…which the client can do. Better, but still broken in my opinion.

For those not interested in the Pro options, there is a free version of WordTwit in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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