Review of the WP101 Tutorial Plugin for WordPress. Get the best WordPress video tutorials right in your WP dashboard. Great for developers and clients.

WP101 Tutorial Plugin Review

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The plugin is clearly for WordPress designers, developers and consultants only as it doesn't make sense for normal users trying to learn WP; at $48/month (that's $576 per year) it just isn't worth it. For those users there is the WP101 online video series which is a much better deal at a one-time fee of either $19, $39 or $79.

Overall the plugin is fantastic at what it does. If you have clients that need a little WordPress intro/intermediate help, I highly recommend it.

What is the WP101 Tutorial Plugin?

The WP101 Tutorial Plugin provides professional, HD-quality “WordPress 101” video tutorials straight to your WordPress dashboard. It’s targeted towards WordPress designers, developers and consultants and has been expertly coded (to be lightweight and standards compliant) by WordPress lead developer, Mark Jaquith.

It was created from the WP101 online video series by Shawn Hesketh.

It is currently priced at $24/month but will soon increase to $48/month (according to this tweet, the price will not go up to $48/month and remain at $24/month). This will get you a licensed API key that allows installation on an unlimited number of sites. It’s also completely white-labeled, so no WP101 logos or branding to confuse your clients.

Videos are constantly being updated to show the latest and greatest WordPress has to offer.

A Sample Video

How to use the WP101 Tutorial Plugin

Simple. Subscribe to the monthly service and receive your API license key instantly. Then install the plugin, enter your API key and you’re good to go. You can find the tutorials listed under the Dashboard tab.

WP101 Tutorial Plugin Support

The plugin is very simple and straight forward so there shouldn’t ever be a need for support. However the developers are extremely active in the WordPress community so updates (if need be) should come rather quickly. You can also contact Shawn, email him directly or shout at them via Twitter should you have any issues.

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